Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I book a tour?


To be honest the earlier you book the better. Due to the limited number of seats available tours can soon be booked out. Especially if you have a specific date and tour in mind we recommend to book well in advance.

However we can always try to join you with another tour at short notice, sometimes even on the same day if seats are available.

Can I take pictures/videos while in the helicopter?


You can and you should! Bring your photo-, action-, video- camera along and fire away. Take as many pictures as you like and make sure to share them with as many people as possible.

What should I wear?


Be like an onion and wear layers. The temperature inside the helicopter is like driving in your car (except if you always go full throttle on the heater). So while flying you are fine with some light clothes.

Once we touch down for a walk on a glacier or dip in one of the hot pools in a geothermal area it becomes a different story. So dress appropriately and bring some warm clothes (it’s called Iceland for a reason) and if you are in for a dip bring your swimwear (and don’t forget a towel)!

ALWAYS A MUST: Bring some sturdy shoes!!!

How long should I be there before departure?


It would be great if you could be there at least 30 minutes before departure and report to the reception so we know you are there. Feel free to sit down at the Cafe at the SKALAKOT Manor Hotel and enjoy a cup of their awesome coffee, we will pick you up on time and bring you to the chopper.

Please give us a call if you are running late, when possible we will try delay the departure.

How can I join a tour with a minimum number of passengers?


There are two options. You can send us an email with your available dates and if possible a choice of two or three tours you are interested in, we will try to join you with another group to make a tour happen.

As an alternative you can book the required extra seat(s) or design your own private tour with our exclusive charter option.

I am a single traveller, how can I join a tour?


Send us an email with your available dates and if possible a choice of two or three tours you are interested in, we will try to join you with a group.

Is there any weight per seat restriction?


Due to weight and balance restrictions the maximum weight permissible per seat is 115 KG. Passengers over the limit will have to purchase a second seat which we will discount by 50% for you. This insures a safe and comfortable flight for all passengers.

How many people fit in the helicopter?


Our AS350 Squirrel (A-Star) helicopter has room for 5 passengers and one pilot. All seats are forward facing and offer an unobstructed 180 degree view.

Can I book a Tour as a private one?


Of course you can! You can book any of our tours exclusive, just drop us a line. Or design your very own tour with our exclusive charter option. We are happy to help you in any way we can!

Is there a minimum / maximum Age?


No and No! You cannot be too young or too old to fly with us.

Children under the age of two can sit on their parents lap and are free of charge (we will provide a seatbelt extension if necessary). There are no discounts for children over the age of two years.

I require assistance / I am disabled can I join a tour?


Of course you can. All our pilots are happy to assist with entering/exiting our helicopter. Due to space restrictions we are unfortunately unable to carry a wheelchair in the helicopter or cargo compartment but we will keep it under safe wraps at the base for you.

If you need any assistance or have special requests please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Which Volcano is currently active?


There are no eruptions currently on Iceland.

How do I get to the KATLA Helicopters Base?


The KATLA Helicopters Base is at the foot of the Eyjafjallajoekull Glacier on the Skalakot Farm. From Reykjavik it is about a 2 hour drive if you keep it nice and easy. If you start from Selfoss or Vik its about 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Follow Route 1 / Þjóðvegur and turn left / right onto Road 246 / Skálavegur. It is pretty easy to see as there is a big sign at the turn off.

Is there any public transport available?


The Public Bus Service from Reykjavik to Vik and return passes by, let the driver know you want to get off at the intersection Road 246 / Skálavegur and he will stop for you. We are a short 10 minute stroll up the road or you can give us a call once you are dropped off and we will come and pick you up, no worries.

Do you offer refreshments during the tour?


We do not offer any in-flight service like in an airliner but we offer free bottled water during our landings and on some trips we even shout you a glass (or two) of bubbly.

Do you have a Cafe / Restaurant nearby?


Yes, check out the SKALAKOT Manor Restaurant, they are just up the road from us and offer a wide range of fine dining with fresh local products and seasonal specialities such as Arctic char, salmon, langoustine or shellfish, their own fresh vegetables and homemade bread. 

In the afternoon they serve coffee and delicious cakes at their large deck overlooking the southern plains, a view to be had. We definitely recommend you to stay at the SKALAKOT Manor Hotel for at least a night, you won’t regret it.

Can I book a stay at the Skalakot Manor Hotel at KATLA Helicopters?


Unfortunately not, we can let them know that you would like to book or just check out their website at www.skalakot.is. It is an awesome place to be and especially when you book an early tour or our Heli-Camp we definitely recommend staying there. Say hello to Munni (the owner) from us.

Are there any dangers while flying in a helicopter?


Helicopters are one of the safest means of travel. Our machine is meticulously maintained and checked to the highest specifications as laid out by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and by the German Aviation Authority (LBA). All our Pilots have a vast range of experience in the remote area we operate in and undergo regular training for all possible emergencies to maintain the professional skill needed to handle every situation. 

Everybody – Pilots, ground crew and mechanics at KATLA Helicopters is focused to deliver the highest level of safety possible.

Are passengers during the helicopter flight insured?


Yes and no. The safety of our guests is the number one priority on each and every tour. During the flight you are insured by KATALA Helicopters. However, passengers are advised that the activities undertaken during stop-over are entirely at their own risk. KATLA Helicopters holds no responsibility towards passengers should an accident occur during the tour that can be traced to their own actions, actions of other participants on the tour or factors outside of human control. 

As for every activity being outdoors a helicopter tour with a stop-over has inherent risks and we recommend that you have comprehensive health- / travel- insurance.

How do I make a Payment / which currencies do you accept?


If you book a tour on our website we will sent you an email with a link to a secure payment website. All major credit cards are accepted. If you are planning to book a flight at out base/reception at SKALAKOT the same applies, but please make sure that you know the 4-digit pin-code of your Credit Card.

All our prices are in ISK (Icelandic Krona) but don’t sweat you can pay us in Euro, US-Dollar, GBP or pretty much any other currency of your choice – the exchange rate is updated on a daily basis – you can check the current rates here.

What is your cancellation policy?


Please not that all cancellations must be made in writing, by e-mail letter and confirmed by KATLA Helicopters. We will confirm receipt of your cancellation within 24 hours, if you didn’t receive any confirmation make sure to give us call!

We charge cancellation fees to passenger(s)/tours as follows:

  • More than 2 weeks before departure we charge a flat fee of 4.500 ISK per booking.
  • Less than 2 weeks and more than 72 hours before departure – 10% of the booking value
  • Less than 72 hours and more than 36 hours before departure – 50% of the booking value
  • Less than 36 hours before departure – 100% of the booking value

If your flight is cancelled due to weather and you are not able to reschedule we offer a full refund. The same applies to any cancellation due to mechanical breakdown, strikes or any other event beyond our control.

We will however always try to offer you an alternative flight/tour. Sometimes to the east the weather is just awful but to the north/north-west it is absolutely fine.

Bad weather


The weather plays a huge part in what we do and unfortunately none of us has figured out how to control it yet! 

So if the weather is not suitable for the booked flight we will have to reroute, change the time/date of departure or cancel it since your safety is our number one priority. To make sure we will find a suitable day for your flight we recommend to book your trip for the beginning of your stay in Iceland that gives us more flexibility to find a suitable alternative.

In 99% of the time this strategy is very successful and we are able to show our guests this amazing country the way it was meant to be seen!